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When I Caught Myself in a Projection


Behind the scenes of this photo.

We were on a ridiculously bumpy ride from Punta Mona Costa Rica back to the main land.

It’s taking effort to not fall completely off.

Lucien asks where my phone is so he can capture photos of me (he loves capturing moments which I adore)... and I go “Can you not?” with a funky face. (Oops!)

When he looked at me all strange and allowed me to drop in... I realized that I super projected all over him...

I realized in that moment that I wouldn’t trust MYSELF with keeping my phone safe on a bumpy boat.. and so I automatically ASSUMED that I couldn’t trust him with it either.

But that’s not fair.

We all have different super powers.

My experience and my fear is mine and mine only.

I need to treat him like a perfectly whole God. And that’s that.

I simply told him all this... “Wooooooahhh listen to the projection I just caught”...

and then I told him where my phone was and that was that.

AND THEN we are left with EPIC photos of the both of us together + have a ride back filled with joy, adventure, and pattern interruption.

It’s so easy to stay in the same consciousness vibration and still pattern in relationship.. and not allow yourself to access your own growth... until you decide otherwise.

So decide otherwise.

Because then you grow, expand, become more unified and loving, and ultimately step in to higher levels of yourself.



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