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What To Do When Relationship Conflicts Arise

Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Your soulmate relationship won't always be easy.

You will say things you don’t mean and get heated and “mess up”… and if you’re willing to PLAY ALL IN – with DEVOTION – that’s where your relationship conflict becomes learning and you become transformed.

Without devotion to the highest potential and realization of your love… relationship conflict is a burden, an inconvenience, and a place for the ego to have an easy way out.

One foot in the door, the other long gone.

Something arises and you both go... "Ugh! Not again! WTF!"

Instead, when a pain point arises... what if you went... "Yes! A place to transform! Let's do this, baby!"

Instead of an inconvenience, it becomes a place to download new tools, codes, and practices for deepening love.

Instead of the ego opting out, it dies. And the spirit has the chance to birth, again and again.

It’s in this transmutation-of-anything-thats-not-love-process … that we equally challenge ourselves and our beloved to spiritually grow.

Rise to meet the challenge, if you choose.

Walk into the fire together, holding hands and hearts, with the willingness to drop the fear of the pattern never going away.

We all come in with shadow, with trauma, with places inside that need deep healing.

The willingness for most is there... but the tools are not.

We were not taught how to handle our karma, our trauma, our abandonment... when it shows up in relationship to the one we care about most.

That's why we wrote you this book.

Lucien and I created this (over) 60 page free e-book to teach you how to see, understand, and work with your triggers.

TRIGGERED is equal part spiritual wisdom and holistic toolkit that you can apply within 5 minutes of reading the book to radically altar your reactions inside of your relationship.

Get it here.

Will the same trigger continue happening in another relationship down the line?

You could say so, yes.

What we don’t heal in one part of life moves on to the next.

The Universe wants us to Awaken and become more of who we are, and part of that process is to see all the vibrations that WE ARE NOT.

I wouldn’t recommend or justify staying with a person past a lengthy time of emotional / mental pain and triggering (while doing the work) just because of this, however.

Continue to make a daily sovereign choice to choose the love you are in.

That is your responsibility first to YOURSELF and second for your partner, THIRD- for your creation of ‘us.’

We have to be willing to see past our spiritual immaturity that identifies anything that is not easy and pleasurable as ‘bad.’

We have to be willing to walk into the fire.

Every person and every relationship has some level of 'baggage.'

And we're lucky that it does.

Most of the time, we manifest and magnetize partners into our lives that have the VERY thing that is UNRESOLVED within our vessels.

We do this because as a species, we are all unconsciously awakening ourselves.

When we EMBRACE this magnetic healing mechanism, our ascension and growth happens like lightning speed.

So many souls came here at this time READY to do deep transcendence work with the beloved… and so, what a gift the underworld and shadow has for us to play.

There is no reason to hide,

because really then

you are hiding

from yourself.

There is no reason to become fearful,

it’s a part of the process

and its beautiful.

Soulmate love is meant to push your buttons- its how you grow.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the play of the wounding coming to show itself.

You are to heal.

You are to become.

You are to ascend.


With ascended love,


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