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Top Tool for Getting to the Core of a Conversation

top tool for getting to the root of a conversation- trust the heart

“What is your heart trying to say?”

Come back to that one, again and again. 

If you find your lover running in loops.. trying to express something, but words are flopping all over the place, story is being created, and nothing is getting solved… 

put a hand on his/her heart and ask…

“What is your heart trying to say?”

It will immediately help them ground into the body and come into the purity of the feelings coursing through the body. 

(Ultimately all we want is love.)

Clarity. And. Then. Continue. 

Keep this one on hand when you feel that you’re the one running in circles in communication as well.. and simply give yourself your heart, they don't need to say a thing.

Always remember that your heart has the true answer, your mind won't understand.

Words will land when you speak from the heart, and you’ll actually feel HEARD when you come from this space.

Try it and let us know how it works…

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