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Is Your Conditional Commitment Confusing the Relationship Timeline?

Jane doesn't clean the dishes.

It triggers John.

He tells himself, "I'm not in the relationship I want."

After that, he conjures the possibilities of his life without Jane.

(Even though they have plans for kids, marriage, and a trip to Greece and he knows deep down he wants this relationship to thrive.)

This is what we like to call... Confusing Your Relationship Timeline.

Thinking about other scenarios in your relationship that are not aligned to togetherness and union leads to separation and confusion.

I have to admit, I'm a master at this and I have to monitor myself like WOAH to stop.

Recently, Lucien and I had one of those tougher days and I witnessed my mind going... "Well... I could go to Bali... and I am fine on my own... and maybe this isn't right for me if I'm not getting what I want..."


Called myself out as fast as I could.

No no no no no no no.

That is NOT what I want-- why create a possibility for The Universe to give me that?!

We have to be really careful about these subtle thought forms... because they are flying into the Quantum Field and creating as we speak.

Patience and humility, brothers and sisters.

Our desires in relationship are important... incredibly so... yet we (especially as women) can tend to have an entitled way of going about them.

Instead... we can...

1. Honor our desires as truth

2. Give ourselves and the relationship what we want

3. Lead certain energies and practices that get us what we want

4. Communicate through inquiry and ask for what we want.. (most people don't even know how to access this step)

5. Create an inviting opportunity and container for our partner to meet us with what we want.

Other option- blame the other for not knowing, not giving, and not supporting... create other timelines about being with another person because CLEARLY your needs aren't being met in the current relationship... and then.... what?? Likely from there you argue with your partner about it and STILL you don't get met... so MORE timelines are created in your mind.

NO THANK YOU to that option.

Conditional commitment = half-heartedness.

Half heartedness creates other avenues for The Universe to slip in.

This means that the relationship creation and power you have as a union is diminished greatly.

Two people manifesting one vision together is like dynamite unicorn rainbow rocket ships... happening like lightning speed.

Unconditional commitment = devotion.

That devotion has the ability to create anything you wish.

So.... dive in to this weeks video to get the full download about timeline creation and then let us know if you do this or if you believe your partner does this in the comments below.


And then when you're ready to take your relationship to the NEXT LEVEL... apply for Quantum Love.

We're enrolling for July's course and it fills fast.

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