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Let Him Arrive Into His King + Inspire You Into Your Queen

Updated: Apr 10, 2018

Dear Woman:


He will not be a pillar for your victimhood. 

He will not stand long next to you being less than love. 

He will not get manipulated by your mood. 

He will not crumble under the pressure of your tantrums or give in to every time you cry. 

And you don’t want him to. 

If you want a man who is present, decisive, discerning.. a man with drive, direction, purpose, truth, honor, intelligence… a man who’s eager to be in his King… 

well then you want him to deflect and reflect where 


are not in alignment with the divine feminine frequency inside of yourself. 

You might enter a relationship with super strong dynamic polarity, naturally- 

but most people don’t, 

so don’t worry if thats where you are. 

Through the union container, a woman becomes a queen and man becomes a king.

Isolation will only create half of the equation, 

but when we have our mirror in front of us

challenging every aspect that lives inside of ourselves

is when the real test comes to play

and when we learn to become who we are- the golden love and light inside. 

The divine masculine that you receive on the outside 

in your relationship or in the men that you date 

is dependent on three things. 

  1. Your divine feminine embodiment - how open and surrendered you are to your sensual body, your creative freedom, your intuition, and the love you have for yourself.

  2. Your healed inner masculine - making peace to your own masculine and releasing wounds of the masculine archetype of the world... +

  3. Your ability and desire to actually be more androgynous.. to actually not NEED the masculine reflection, but WANT it. This means you are fusing together within yourself all of the opposites- dark+light (hello shadow work), body + soul, masculine + feminine. 

At the beginning of relationship with my beloved, I had this internal complaint that he was not “masculine enough.” 

(I can’t tell you how many women write me asking how to help their partner ARRIVE in to his divine masculine King) 

When I FINALLY learned to let go of my outside projection and instead worked on my own relationship to my masculine…

when I started being more in my feminine (apparently he says that I was quite masculine feeling when we first met)

and dropping the NEED and EXPECTATION I was harboring… 

its like there was an instant magical change. 

He morphed, I morphed, and the sacred harmony of the polarities with some androgynous fairy dust in the mix hit me in allllllll the right spaces, if you know what I mean ;)  

Men need to give themselves permission to re-meet the primal masculine inside. 

Women WANT the fierce direction, AS LONG as it is filtered through the purity of the heart. 

Women need to stop judging men and wishing they have “already arrived.”

Our embodiment is the teacher itself. 

It is NOT in your complaints or your head turns or your silent treatments that he will grow, 

and clearly neither will you. 

It is the honoring of your own inherent divine feminine traits that catapults him into his 

and its onwards and upwards from there, 


With ascended love,

Ashae + Lucien


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