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I Used to get Triggered Like This

I used to get triggered and I’d start separating myself emotionally when I perceived that Lucien was not being present with me.

What I was really doing at that time?

I was trying to control every single moment of our time together, putting me in a masculine embodiment inside myself.

I was not trusting his ability to take care of himself and be present with himself, already looking down on him by doing so and not seeing him in his highest.

And most importantly, I wasn’t facing the fact that the presence I craved is the presence that I’ve craved my whole life. From early on. A childhood wound, if you will.

Our partners will never be able to meet a gaping wound inside of ourselves... And we will continue to project onto them that they aren’t “meeting us” but what they are really not doing is... meeting our wound.

And this is a good thing.

Perhaps as we grow and evolve with our partners, give each other love and compassion and ecstasy and learning... perhaps as we hold each other with empathy and give attention to every space of pain... perhaps within all of that we are meant to find that once again... the true beloved is the beloved within.

No seeking. No searching. Only merging, inside. And becoming, outside.

As I do the work to transform every single one of my triggers... ... I become more light in my body and mind and more loving a partner, a feminine, a free spirit beautiful lover to this relationship and this world.

Our relationship expands and heals and erotically becomes itself at its highest form.

Our soulmates will always mirror to us where we haven't healed and came into greater and greater levels of our light.

Ready to do the deep work too?

Download our Triggered e-book from the homepage.


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