How to Get your Feminine Needs Met in Relationship

Updated: Jun 12, 2018

In order for you to flower open vulnerably in relationship and give to your lover all that you can be, you need to feel penetrated by your lovers love.

I’m sure you’ve felt the internal desire to be MORE for your partner: more loving, more compassionate, more giving, more sensual, more carefree, more open. Yes?

However, something… you can’t quite pinpoint it… holds you back from being the lover you know you were made to be.

That something keeping you closed off to receiving and giving the wellspring of your love?

Your feminine needs are not being met.

Now- this article is most definitely not about pointing the finger at men… to go… “See! You aren’t giving me that! It’s all your fault!”

The truth is, it is YOU that doesn’t know (yet) how to get your desires met.

Your partner only knows and gives what they have been programmed to know and give.

Don’t shame or blame them for how they are.

Inspire and hold space for who they are becoming.

(PS: Who they are becoming is for you AND for them. And a good man will know that, too.)

Your partner only knows to give you what they were taught to give the feminine… however you… you have boundaries. You have a yes and a no. You have pussy guidance. And heart knowings.

You have a positive tone of voice, or not.

You have everything you need to get what you want from relationship.

How you TREAT YOURSELF, how you ARE in your body, what you THINK, what you ASK FOR, HOW you ask for it, and how you INSPIRE a man determines whether or not these vital feminine needs will be met.

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Remember: the reason you close down and are not receptive to his love is because on some level, your needs are not being met.

(You also have genetic and learned programs, but we save the unpacking of that for the brave souls who join our course.)

So, what are the major feminine needs in relationship?


It doesn’t matter if you are frolicking in a field of flowers, madly throwing dishes all over the home, screaming, crying, orgasming, or spending a week with your girls.

You want to feel his unconditional love penetrating through to you.

You want to feel that he's unaffected, in his heart, by whatever is coming through you.

You could feel angry or sad or resentful. He’s still there… blasting you open to God.

You want to feel that when you’re in an angry fit… he’s unafraid to pin you to the wall with love… arms over your head… ready to kiss you into oblivion.

But did you know that in the past, you’ve used your mood to manipulate?

Did you know that when you reject his penetration, you teach him to stop… and that you secretly and subconsciously block him from giving?

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If you spend two weeks upset and you detect that your lover notices nothing… you start closing off.

If you spend time getting ready for a special evening and he doesn’t even tell or show you how beautiful you are… all hell can break loose.

If you start crying and he runs away scared or creates conflict to try and figure you out… its a no go.

You want to feel seen in your beauty, in your mess, in your emotional states, in your sexuality, in your rage, in your humor, in your fun.

You simply want to be seen for the chaotic ocean of glorious madness that you are.

Again: he might not know HOW to fully see you due to his programming around love and relationship.

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As a woman, you have an inherent gift to nurture and to heal. You can see. You can give from the wellspring of wisdom inside of your womb.

You want your beloved to be able to get vulnerable… tell you their feelings… and relax into the gift of your intuitive self.

How would it feel if your partner said to you…

“My love… What do you feel about my block with money? It’s really affecting my mood these days. What can you see that I can’t see? Help guide me.”


Most men were taught to hide their feelings AND they’ve experienced the over-bearing woman that demands instead of invites an energetic shift. So, be easy on them.

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You want to feel like he’s got your back.

You want to know that no matter what, he won’t get scared and run away.

You want to be able to relax as he chooses the dinner plans and vacation plans and date nights.

Not because you can’t or because you’re not fine or safe on your own.

Because your feminine essence desires to be led and met with the consciousness of the masculine heart.

Most women don’t know this but they do one VERY SPECIFIC thing that repels the need of safety.

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Feeling like the radiant goddess of sensual delight inspires you to be all that you can be in the world.

Enough said.

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He can worship your body like art- with each glance, each stroke, each featherlight touch. He can remember that your sacred temple needs more than just sexual touch and desires loving touch too.

He can make love to you so good that your hormones reorganize and your DNA aligns to nothing but beauty and love.

He can verbally tell you how much he sees your radiance.

But, if you don’t cultivate your OWN inner radiance… he’ll stop seeing it too.

Learn how to cultivate your own inner radiance with this guide.


You go out of your way for your partner. You transform a habit or belief keeping the relationship small. You do something nice for him. You emit love light like the radiant goddess you are.

The feminine in you responds really well when he tells you how much he appreciates you. How much he cherishes you. How much gratitude he has for you in his life.

If you start feeling like you are being taken for granted… you will close off even more. You will likely withhold sex and pleasure and fun and love.

How to inspire your man to appreciate you even more than he shows now?

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Try to read this whole article within context of this: they are not needs to the extent that without them... you are not whole.

The first need is the need for you to give all of the above to YOURSELF.

You are whole on your own. Powerful on your own. You can feel beautiful, loved, desired, carefree, and happy on your own. 100%

AND - you choose to be in relationship because your partner can reflect and magnify how you feel about yourself.

Cultivating your own inner wholeness - your own self love, self care, self appreciation, self worship, self pleasure- inspires your man to mirror the same back to you.

Over anything, remember: your desires are your superpowers.