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He Nudges Me Into my Higher Self


He nudges me in to my higher self when I don’t even know I’ve left.

In previous relationships I would have said- “All you want to do is CHANGE me! Why can’t you just enjoy me for who I am right now?”

But I’ve grown to realize that I don’t want complacency.

I don’t want my lover to see me in a lower energy and not do or say anything about it.

Then, how will I grow?

Every time he points me in a direction of my higher self I ask myself these questions-

“Is that in harmony with my truth?"

"Is that in integrity with my higher self?"

"Is he seeing something that I WANT to become?”

The answer is always yes, but if it isn’t... that’s where free will and boundaries come into play. Bam.

I also used to see MAJOR places in which I desired to be different in him.

I could see where he wasn’t stepping in to his power, his voice, his masculinity... and I kept saying to him... “But I feel bad asking for these things... I don’t want to change you!”

He looked at me with all of his presence- “Ashae... you have to understand that everything you want for me, I want for myself too.”

That is the key with these desires and holding space for our partners to continually meet their higher embodiment of self.

We have to SEE and hold space and be patient...

They have to WANT to join.


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