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Do Men Hate Feeling their Feelings?


We’ve come to believe that men hate talking about their feelings. 

This is just not true. 

Yes, men have learned to NOT feel.. they have learned to hide their emotions, to not seem weak. 

But a man wants to express his feelings… he just wants to feel SAFE and comfortable in your energy to do so.

He wants to be able to share without argument or emotional intensity. 

He wants the consciousness that he gives you. 

No longer can we put any blame or finger pointing on the men, it is the women that are teaching them now,  to open up and step into love. 

Your container of authenticity and vulnerability with your own feelings- drama and judgement free- will pave the way. 

Your heart, your compassion, your inquiry.. your juicy succulent softness.. will crack any perceived bubble he’s placed on his heart. 

Your feminine beingness will set him free.

Give him the space.

Help him feel.

Try as hard as you can not to argue when he shares something that ruffles another thing inside of you.

Get out of the story, give him love, and hold him for the courageous act of feeling whats in his heart.

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