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A Powerful Relationship is Created Like Art


A powerful relationship is created like art.

It doesn’t wait on time, or fate, or experience.

It works on itself on the regular.

It sees its opportunities to grow and adds strokes of beauty day by day.

It humbles itself continuously, to give more empathy, compassion, and understanding.

So many of us are out there creating... we create our lifestyles, we create our health, we create our businesses, we create our money... but we somehow think that we don’t need to use our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual intelligence to also create a relationship that flourishes to its highest light... what’s with that mentality?

Think about it for yourself... do you honor the building, maintaining, and flowering of your relationship as tenderly as you do your business or health?

If not... some priorities need to be put into place!

A thriving relationship LEADS to truly inspired actions in all other areas of our lives.

At the beginning of my relationship with L, there was so much misalignment and distortion in the field because I didn’t fully understand and embody this whole thing...

That not only does love take some level of work, for both people to truly meet in their place of harmony... but without it, there’s a high chance of misinterpreting the other, creating projections and expectations, and giving up on a love that could be profound.

Thank goodness I saw my way out of that one... !

If you don’t take responsibility for bringing new codes of connection to your relationship, you’re putting it all on your partner or partner to be.

The fairy tale is real. But it takes some skill.

Are you ready to take more responsibility for this in your love?

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