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A Letter to Men Stepping in to the Divine Masculine


A letter to men stepping in to the divine masculine:

Thank you for your courage in facing the collective rage.

Thank you for seeing all the ways in which you’ve let yourself down.

Thank you for feeling again.

Thank you for admitting to the agony that your actions from the past have bestowed.

It’s SO not your fault.

This we know.

You were born into a society stripped from truth, a barren land far away from its gold.

Your feet touched this Earth in separation from the divine union within yourself.

You didn’t know what the divine feminine was, or the divine mother and neither did we but at least we had the DNA coursing through our veins waking us up.

The pain it must have been on a cellular level to have forgotten the feminine heart... brutal.

And so your actions are not your own, solely.

They are a result of a society that has its assets of infinite truth lost in the ethers or hidden between the lines.

I forgive you if you can forgive yourself.

It’s the only way we rise, together.

Let my forgiveness wash over you and heal your shame and let your completion of the old story wash over me and ground a new beginning (based on harmonious presence) into form.

Stand up and show up for me and for us now with devotion and divinity and everything you know in your depth to be true.

Release yourself from the pain of not knowing how to love at a time in your life.

It’s okay.

You are held in the unfolding of that and you are remembering remember you. remember. that love comes first.

You are not your shadow.

You are not your karma.

You are not your past.

You are how you choose to let go surrender release and show up in the now.

Ask to fall at the knees of a woman who brings the divine feminine code through.

She will help you remember who you are.

Bathe in the warm womb waters of her wisdom and find wholeness, in that you are the same.

See her as you. Love her as you. She is you. You are she.

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