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In relationship, it's what is said, how it's said, and the energy you hold that defines the nature and vibration of the exchange. Here are my ten love codes for conscious self mastery in communication.

1. Don't fall into lower frequencies when a challenging moment arrives. 2. You feel your vibration lower into fear, frustration. Breath before you speak.

3. Avoid judgement. You don't always know.

4. Don't presume you know - when you haven't inquired and listened.

5. No blame or Shame. Blame and shame are disempowering, often immobilizing, emotions that keep us unconscious and don’t motivate ourselves and our poartner to be better people. Let that go.

6. Avoid matching their frequency if its lower.

7. No Reacting. Listen fully in presence and respond.

8. Know that the lower frequency energy comes from fear or unconscious impulsive energy. Notice it and address it lovingly, in kindness, and compassion.

9. Feel your body. Feel if its heating up or closing down. Open your chest in that moment. Open your heart to them energetically and physically as opposed to retracting or turning down and away.

10. Feel into your higher self. Before you speak ask yourself what is the wisest, most loving, and healthy thing I can offer right now, in word, energy, or action?

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