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arrive at the
best version of you
through love alchemy.


A transformational
6-8 week online & group coaching masterclass to help you create expanded, awakened & intimate partnerships while emerging, & becoming your higher self. 
what if you had the tools and understanding to support a deeply conscience relationship,
epic love & personal growth?
guess what... you can. 

QUANTUM LOVE represents




Quantum Love is the answer to the programmed restless + reactive love story of codependency + disempowerment.

We provide language, concepts, & highly potent practices, resulting in transformational personal shifts necessary to help you and your partner become free, alive, and in harmony with your higher self.


Its the relationship dream- re-imagined and fully-created- from the power and sovereignty of your higher self.


This is where you’ll learn to come into divinity within who you are and escort that vibration of grace into your relationship or relationship to be. 


Quantum Love is about creating the most magnetic, pleasurable, harmonious, passionate, devoted, joyful, insanely divine love… and getting enlightened at the same time. 

In our course, you’ll take your relationship from…


  • stuck in lower frequency emotional loops to conscious, empowered & aware

  • reactive 2 present & loving

  • complacent to active, alive, & soveriegn 

  • stuck in habitual patterns & non-growth to open-minded & transformational every day

  • frustration 2 freedom

  • over serious & triggered 2 playfulness

  • judgment 2 acceptance

  • fearful 2 trust

  • friendly 2 sexy

  • guilt & shame 2 sexually liberated, 

  • mediocrity 2 adventure & enchantment…

Not only will you create an empowered, sovereign, and sexy union… but you’ll learn how to arrive at the best version of yourself through love.

Your heart is right, the dream relationship IS real.

Its Magical. Delicious. Co-Created. Mysterious. Glorious. Free.

"The issue most face with this belief in divine love?"

Leaving it in the belief realm.

Thinking its a given- with zero skill, practice, toolkit, or internal work.


The awakened relationship you crave isn't just out there, waiting to happen. 

It's in you and your partner now, waiting to be acted upon and brought into life. 


Relationships that thrive are created.

Their love is not a destination... their love is intentionally designed. 



  • Learn about the quantum field of love and how to start using it. Self love. Self care. Identifying intentions. Coming more fully into yourself to begin. Content released upon enrollment. 

Week 2 : Transform Your Triggers + Transcend your Shadow

  • Unearth both the greatest aspects of your being and the shadow pieces keeping conflict on the rise.. so you can work on your personal growth within your relationship container.

  • Learn how to get your sexy back after a fight 

  • Find the childhood wound keeping you in “the trigger chamber” 

  • Master (light and dark) avoidant behaviors within yourself and your partner so a conflict never again gets ‘shoved under the rug’

  • Refine your conditioned defensive patterns to create more peace and harmony in your relationship

  • Learn how your embodiment can easily shift your partner out of their triggered state

Week 3: Communicate with Heart + Expertise so Conflict Becomes Expansion

  • Learn how to create an optimal non-judgmental container for speaking your feelings and truths  

  • Learn the four things you need to make sure you feel seen, heard, respected, and loved in every conversation

  • Understand the difference between a need and a desire, so you create the sexiest version of standing in your desired truth. 

  • Learn how to set uplifting boundaries, and reclaim the power and gift of your sacred no.

  • Come to always tell the raw truth and embody vulnerability in every share

  • Discover the fastest way to transmute projections

Week 1 : Re-Write The Universal Love Story 

  • Understand the difference between unconscious, conscious, and ascended partnership & reframe what it is to love.

  • Create an new framework for optimal mindset awakening yourself & your relationship

  • Learn how to be truly present with yourslef & with your partner so you can connect deeply with each other and get the most out of your relationship

  • Learn how to request and magnetize your partners deepest presence towards you

  • Discover why the key to love is dropping expectations and how to do it while being authentic with your inner desires

​​Week 4: Invite Your Relationship into the Mystery of Divine Pleasure + Joy 

  • Dive into a series of quests to ignite the passion and play within your love

  • Define who you are together and fall in love with your relationship trinity, your “us”

  • Laugh more, enjoy more, and enter a realm where everything gets transmuted into bliss

Week 5: Embody a more Dynamic Version of you - Map aspects of your being and your relationship. Envision your Higher Self + learn to support your partner into theirs.

  • Heal your relationship to your Inner Divine Masculine + Divine Feminine to come into Harmony within yourself 

  • Discover your relationship in the Archetypes of King + Queen, Prince + Princess, Wizard + Priestess, Warrior + Erotic Muse, Little Boy + Fairy Girl

  • Find interdependence and leave co-dependency behind. 

  • Map out aspect of your higher aspects. 

Week 6: Experience Love-Making that Ignites your Spirit 

  • Receive the Basics of Tantric Sex to increase your pleasure, sensation, and togetherness

  • Learn the Art of Surrendering in the Bedroom: both your body + mind

  • Learn how to use Sex to find and become your High Self 

  • Unleash your Erotic Muse Archetype and be held by his Warrior Self 

  • Move from sacral sex to heart and ecstatic sex and create meaningful moments of bliss

Week 7: Receive your 5D Mastery Toolkit for Ascended Love

(Available for Advanced Option Students)

  • You probably have a self-care toolkit to pull out every time your body or mind needs a little tune up and some enhanced success. You’ll receive our 5D relationship toolkit so you become a Jedi when it comes to all the tricky spaces in love.

  • Practice telepathic communication

  • Create a new love language for your love, invite each other into your own world of mystery, and create sacred spaces for your partner to arrive into your desires.

Week 8: Create Your Siddhic Relationship Sanctuary +  Experience Divinity in Love

(Available for Advanced Option Students)

Move into a reality where your relationship is a full spiritual crucible… igniting you into the depths of consciousness for expansion of yourself and the world. Create opportunities for personal and worldwide growth as you release archetypical distortion, find unique messages in every interaction, and enter a space of omniscience in your love. 

Quantum Love is about taking full responsibility for your relationship manifestation, as you are the creator of your reality and you get to choose what to create. 

Taking full responsibility means awakening and embodying your inner lover. Merging the divine masculine and femininte within. 

It means taking yourself on a journey of becoming the lover that you want to be. 

Your relationship success starts with your heart, your communication, your awakening, your transforming, your power, your compassion,  and your looking in on your inner world and showing up to the relationship with more inspiration, positivity, divinity, ownership, and peace.

This is the course to teach you how.


  • Videos, Tools, + Advanced Codes for each Module 

  • Weekly Live Group Coaching + Q+A Calls 

  • Quantum Love Facebook Closed Community Exchange 

OPTION 1: Weeks 1-6 + the above material 

OPTION 2: Weeks 1-8 with two weeks advanced mastertools + three 1:1 advanced & personalized coaching calls with Lucien + Ashae



  • The 8 modules contain video material, worksheets, curriculum quests, readings, and tools for your learning

  • The weekly FAQ calls will be live 

  • You will receive access to the private Facebook group upon enrolling

  • The pre-work is available to you immediately after enrolling

  • Module 1 starts with the group on (date)

  • You have the content for life

  • Check your email upon enrolling!

  • If you sign up for the advanced course, you use one coaching call in month 1 and the other in month 2

Any questions?


Code creators, lovers, and guides for divine union and spiritual awakening through love. 

Lucien brings codes of awakening consciousness, mapping the soul, shadow work, and living through truth. 

Ashae brings codes of emotional intelligence, divine masculine + feminine empowerment, and sensual freedom.

Together, we support the rise of powerful awakened relationships - first in our own, and then through our offerings in the world. 

We created this masterclass to help you radically lift your love into devotional bliss and elevate your consciousness into awakened creator of your own life. 


Your relationship gets to be evolutionary; it gets to be the new revolution of love. 

Join us and watch it emerge. 



A voice for feminine transformation. Ashae Sundara has devoted herself to unraveling the secrets of love, sex and intimacy. A prolific writer for divine partnership, she unearths the deepest codes within the human experience and gives words to the unfolding mysteries of life. She has offered service to hundreds of women over the last several years to support the rise of the divine feminine within themselves. She mentors & guides awakening souls into the power of sacred embodiment, the illumination of self love, the expression of sensual freedom, and how to lead through love.


Lucien has spent the last 25 years creating experiences that transform human consciousness. Former professor and CEO, world speaker, experiential designer, and sacred life coach, Lucien has created learning platforms that have transformed millions of lives. He combines sacred healing, ritual magic, the Gene Keys, and human alchemy to create advanced templates for transforming The Self. Lucien met Ashae and made a life commitment to treat relationship as a daily temple for self illumination. All codes around Universal experiences are daily captured and codified, brought to bear through his work and his service to all humanity.

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