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Jane doesn't clean the dishes.

It triggers John.

He tells himself, "I'm not in the relationship I want."

After that, he conjures the possibilities of his life without Jane.

(Even though they have plans for kids, marriage, and a trip to Greece and he knows deep down he wants this relationship to thrive.)

This is what we like to call... Confusing Your Relationship Timeline.

Thinking about other scenarios in your relationship that are not aligned to togetherness and union leads to separation and confusion.

I have to admit, I'm a master at this and I have to monitor myself like WOAH to stop.

Recently, Lucien and I had one of those tougher days and I witnessed my mind going... "Well... I could go to Bali... and I am fine on my own... and maybe this isn't right for me if I'm not getting what I want..."


Called myself out as fast as I could.

No no no no no no no.

That is NOT what I want-- why create a possibility for The Universe to give me that?!

We have to be really careful about these subtle thought forms... because they are flying into the Quantum Field and creating as we speak.

Patience and humility, brothers and sisters.

Our desires in relationship are important... incredibly so... yet we (especially as women) can tend to have an entitled way of going about them.

Instead... we can...

1. Honor our desires as truth

2. Give ourselves and the relationship what we want

3. Lead certain energies and practices that get us what we want

4. Communicate through inquiry and ask for what we want.. (most people don't even know how to access this step)

5. Create an inviting opportunity and container for our partner to meet us with what we want.

Other option- blame the other for not knowing, not giving, and not supporting... create other timelines about being with another person because CLEARLY your needs aren't being met in the current relationship... and then.... what?? Likely from there you argue with your partner about it and STILL you don't get met... so MORE timelines are created in your mind.

NO THANK YOU to that option.

Conditional commitment = half-heartedness.

Half heartedness creates other avenues for The Universe to slip in.

This means that the relationship creation and power you have as a union is diminished greatly.

Two people manifesting one vision together is like dynamite unicorn rainbow rocket ships... happening like lightning speed.

Unconditional commitment = devotion.

That devotion has the ability to create anything you wish.

So.... dive in to this weeks video to get the full download about timeline creation and then let us know if you do this or if you believe your partner does this in the comments below.


And then when you're ready to take your relationship to the NEXT LEVEL... apply for Quantum Love.

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Updated: Apr 24, 2018

Your soulmate relationship won't always be easy.

You will say things you don’t mean and get heated and “mess up”… and if you’re willing to PLAY ALL IN – with DEVOTION – that’s where your relationship conflict becomes learning and you become transformed.

Without devotion to the highest potential and realization of your love… relationship conflict is a burden, an inconvenience, and a place for the ego to have an easy way out.

One foot in the door, the other long gone.

Something arises and you both go... "Ugh! Not again! WTF!"

Instead, when a pain point arises... what if you went... "Yes! A place to transform! Let's do this, baby!"

Instead of an inconvenience, it becomes a place to download new tools, codes, and practices for deepening love.

Instead of the ego opting out, it dies. And the spirit has the chance to birth, again and again.

It’s in this transmutation-of-anything-thats-not-love-process … that we equally challenge ourselves and our beloved to spiritually grow.

Rise to meet the challenge, if you choose.

Walk into the fire together, holding hands and hearts, with the willingness to drop the fear of the pattern never going away.

We all come in with shadow, with trauma, with places inside that need deep healing.

The willingness for most is there... but the tools are not.

We were not taught how to handle our karma, our trauma, our abandonment... when it shows up in relationship to the one we care about most.

That's why we wrote you this book.

Lucien and I created this (over) 60 page free e-book to teach you how to see, understand, and work with your triggers.

TRIGGERED is equal part spiritual wisdom and holistic toolkit that you can apply within 5 minutes of reading the book to radically altar your reactions inside of your relationship.

Get it here.

Will the same trigger continue happening in another relationship down the line?

You could say so, yes.

What we don’t heal in one part of life moves on to the next.

The Universe wants us to Awaken and become more of who we are, and part of that process is to see all the vibrations that WE ARE NOT.

I wouldn’t recommend or justify staying with a person past a lengthy time of emotional / mental pain and triggering (while doing the work) just because of this, however.

Continue to make a daily sovereign choice to choose the love you are in.

That is your responsibility first to YOURSELF and second for your partner, THIRD- for your creation of ‘us.’

We have to be willing to see past our spiritual immaturity that identifies anything that is not easy and pleasurable as ‘bad.’

We have to be willing to walk into the fire.

Every person and every relationship has some level of 'baggage.'

And we're lucky that it does.

Most of the time, we manifest and magnetize partners into our lives that have the VERY thing that is UNRESOLVED within our vessels.

We do this because as a species, we are all unconsciously awakening ourselves.

When we EMBRACE this magnetic healing mechanism, our ascension and growth happens like lightning speed.

So many souls came here at this time READY to do deep transcendence work with the beloved… and so, what a gift the underworld and shadow has for us to play.

There is no reason to hide,

because really then

you are hiding

from yourself.

There is no reason to become fearful,

it’s a part of the process

and its beautiful.

Soulmate love is meant to push your buttons- its how you grow.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the play of the wounding coming to show itself.

You are to heal.

You are to become.

You are to ascend.


With ascended love,


Updated: Apr 24, 2018

An interesting question for you, sister...


Because if you’re anything like me, you’ve been on a path of returning to your power… returning to your sexual juiciness… returning to your voice and your stand for what you believe is true in love and life. 

You’re owning your desires and your needs and you’re speaking up and out for your soul.

You’re doing this in your business, or your career… but you’re really starting to do this within love. 

You’ve slowly been teaching the masculine to rise, with you.. by not being afraid to bring your FULLNESS to his strength. 

And….. you may have stacked some layers of baggage on top of your heart in the process… preventing you from being in the harmonious relationship to the beloved that you desire.

Consciously raising your feminine may have subconsciously raised your masculine… making it hard to merge within love. 

Consciously standing in your power may have unconsciously allowed you to put walls over your heart, instead of healthy boundaries which is perhaps what you were going for.

You may have gotten a little too defensive, a little too strong.

How do you know if you gotten to that place?

You push away love.

You argue to try and prove your point, while closing your heart.

You come at him strong, and you’re hard to crack.

You can’t fully relax in the bedroom… you think you know more than he does and where to go. 

You spend less time in your joy. 

It’s not ONLY about standing in your power, my love.

It’s also about RELAXING your power and giving into the only thing true: love.

You have to return to this balance. Feminine + masculine, yin + yang. 

For yourself and for him.

“If we women don’t trust our lover’s masculine force and direction more than our own, we won’t open completely- in the bedroom and in life. We won’t let down our boundaries and surrender in deep trust, allowing ourselves to be sexually ravished by the Divine masculine. And if we are stuck in our heads, there is a very good chance our masculine energy will not only match his, but surpass it.” Anaiya Sophia – Trusting the Masculine: Yours or His

Lilith + Eve dancing in internal union within the self is where we want to go.

Lilith represents your power, your sexual desire, your ability to stand up for your truth. Don’t abandon her. It is this abandonment of Lilith within yourself that makes you shut down and repressed… resulting in your partner potentially seeking the Lilith energy elsewhere. This dark powerful force is a part of the wild divine feminine so it needs to be a part of your divine union love.

Eve represents your softness and heart, relax… it’s safe to feel… re-emerge fully… but don’t abandon your Lilith in the process. 

Where are you on this spectrum?

Do you need to soften your heart in love?

Or stand more firmly in who you are?

Source: Please take a moment to read this post.

If you’re with a partner that is choosing to rise with you– in whatever way, shape, or form- he needs this balance within yourself. The divine masculine will not be open for anything but.

If you’re with a man that doesn’t know how to stand in his divinity just yet, he will start moving into his feminine energy, when you hold so much of the power… in the bedroom and beyond. He won’t be able to guide, to lead.. because you have all of the control. Is that worth it, to be right? It can throw a whole relationship off.. if your man doesn’t feel empowered in that you trust his heart to lead. 

Too much power and not enough softening of the heart will drive him away.

He’ll feel unseen in your shares, emasculated, and directionless in nature.

He will NOT be able to ACTUALLY listen when you bring through whats coming through. 

Internally, you’ll close yourself off to the goddess you know yourself to be, from the love that is your birthright, from the infinite joy and play that is life, and from chakras 4-infinity in the process. 

My beloved has learned to hold HUGE boundaries to my power that isn’t coming through my heart. It’s how I’m learning. Thankfully I have a partner who can see this, identify it, AND NOT RUN AWAY FROM IT… but instead devotionally guide me into the truth of my being… instead. 

Too much softness and not enough power will keep him in lower frequencies and patterns, and he won’t be able to meet the true divine masculine within himself.

With all Eve and no Lilith (all heart and no fire), you will become complacent in love, out of touch with your intuitive fire, and slowly shutting down your capacity to feel… which gets boring and starts shutting down your capacity to live in the divine feminine spirit and essence that you are… and then he stays in his lower masculine, too. 

It is you standing in your powerful truth, purified through the fire of your heart, that teaches him to rise into the lover that he is and was made to be.

If he’s not there yet? Don’t run away.

Take ownership for where you are, and what you are bringing through. And then decide to rise, together.

Kings become kings in union. Queens become queens in union, too.

Decide to become the lovers you were made to be.

If you're ready for that... join us here- in Quantum Love

Quantum Love is our online group coaching masterclass designed to help you arrive at the best version of yourself while learning the skills + advanced tools to create sovereign, interdependent, pleasurable, intensely passionate divine union love.

Apply for May's course here.

Find your truth, find your power, rise in who you are- and bring it through with kindness, compassion, and the purification of the heart.

Sisters… repeat after me.

“It is safe for me to open. It is safe for me to love. It is safe for me to rise in the flame of the beloved, both within myself and with him. It is safe for my heart to relax it’s conditioning to argue and repent and close. I am ready to see myself through the lens of love. Opening my heart and softening my defenses does NOT take anything from my power. Opening my heart does NOT mean I won’t be able to stand in my truth and hold my ground, when the time comes. I can sink, here, in this love. I can trust, here, in this love. When I open myself, I open the world. To open my heart is to love myself. To stand in my power without closing my heart is to love him. I don’t need to play any tricks or put on a facade of any kind that shows no love: this level of victimhood and trickery will NOT work with the divine masculine. He will rise with me, but ONLY when my heart is continually opening to him. He will reject my games and my closure. He will see me as I see myself. Our hearts opening together is the path, the purpose will illuminate, and it is here that we can truly SEE who we are, both as individuals, as a union, and as a grounding landing pad for the ascension of now. I won’t numb myself from feeling. I will breathe into pain and ecstasy and sadness and anger and confusion and I will TRANSMUTE it all INTO love. I am safe to love. Living as love is living as beauty. Living as truth. Living as who I am. I am safe here. I am safe in this love.”

It’s not easy… this balancing path.

Most of us need sexual healing and empowerment, relaxation into the feminine without denying or pushing away our masculine, support with our wounds and triggers (GET OUR TRIGGERED E-BOOK BY CLICKING HERE)… and we need the divine language communication skills to make the balance birth through the physical form.

We haven’t been taught what this balance looks and feels like in authentic partnership with the beloved.

It is in this self-journey and self-teaching through being… that we learn the power of divine union and how he serves as a reflection of where we are in our internal space of peace and balance with all of the energies within. Hence, we become our best high selves- the relationship is a mirror to the divine within. 

If you’re even a tad bit lost on finding and bringing through that balance within yourself and in your relationship… you’re not alone. We’ve been starved from this truth for too long. 

I believe that when we learn to balance our power with our heart… we create space for our relationships to evolve into an ascending platform for the illumination of all into who and what we really are. 

They told you to “know yourself” before you call in “the one”… but they never told you you’d find yourself there, too. 

Quantum Love is a masterclass for those of you who are ready to find this merging and becoming the balanced beloved from within. It serves as a launching pad for divine language, transformed triggers, joyous loving, sex magic, and awakening through love.

We are here to help you rise into the highest vibration of love- both within yourself and within your relationship. 

Open for men, women, and couples. Click here to apply.

With ascended love,


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